Year : 2023
Location : Montreal (Qc), Canada
Appareil Architecture is proud to partner with The Unscented Company to present their various products and promote their simple and responsible vision for body and home products. Unscented Co. sought Appareil’s services to develop a display stand to showcase their items at numerous international trade shows. The project was both simple and complex; developing a display stand that must be assembled and disassembled to be easily transported according to several strict criteria regarding road transport and weight. The final result had to reflect the eco-responsible mission of Unscented Co.'s products and the elegant, simple, and refined style of the B Corp and Women Owned certified company.

The central area features a large island and small pedestals, all entirely covered with a soft cork material that brings texture and warmth to the design. This same material, also used for flooring, effectively delineates the product display area.

“We wanted to create a timeless booth made from durable materials, crafted in Quebec, that represents not only our brand but also our commitment to women-owned businesses.”

Anie Rouleau, founder of The Unscented Company

The main challenge was to develop a display space that could be easily assembled and disassembled, and that could travel long distances without getting damaged.

A creative and exploratory exercise for the Appareil team that combines object-scale manufacturing design, presentation design, and spatial design for product sales.

“Appareil is proud to partner with a company that shares our values. Anie is an exceptional entrepreneur who remains a role model of success for young women entrepreneurs who aspire to stand out.”

Kim Pariseau, founder of Appareil Architecture

Client : The Unscented Company
Interior design: APPAREIL Architecture
Cabinetmaker : Atelier Phare
Photographer : Félix Michaud

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